Gorjuss Doll - Toadstools

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Gorjuss of Santoro doll - Toadstools

Santoro have teamed up with Paola Reina to bring to life the wonderfully applauded artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.

This beautiful, whimsical doll is an exquisite 3D recreation of the original Toadstools artwork, complete with lifelike flowing hair, delicate hands, intoed stance and signature striped socks.

Doll comes with knitted hat, knitted arm warmers, warm coat with pretty buttons, frilled dress, striped tights, blue boots and printed backpack.

The dolls are lovingly handmade from soft vinyl with articulated limbs and infused with a delicate rose & honeysuckle scent. 

All dolls are packaged in a beautiful giftbox. 

Approx. size: height of doll 32cm / 12.5”

Suitable for 3+ years.